Technical Consulting for Hospitality Establishments

Diafas Constructions has experienced Hotel Classification Inspectors in its team and is able to offer technical consulting services to hospitality establishments, for the following cases:

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The aforementioned technical consulting services consist of compliance checks for technical/operational and other specifications (depending on the type of hospitality establishment), thorough information and support to the client for the entire process up to issuance of the certificate requested and drafting of proposals, aiming to minimize costs and time required for corrective actions, as well as the preparation of the hospitality establishment for the inspection procedure.

Diafas Constructions, acting as the client’s Technical Consultant, utilizes a holistic approach for the above cases, in order to optimize design, permitting, construction and operation licensing phases.  

We answer your questions:

• What actions are required for operation licensing of my hospitality establishment?

• Which specifications must be met for my hospitality establishment to receive a classification certificate?

• Can I upgrade the star category of my hospitality establishment?

• Can my hotel receive Boutique Hotel certification?

• What are the requirements for a camping establishment to receive Glamping certification?

• Can I convert my holiday apartment unit to a hotel?