Coordination & Management of Hospitality Projects

Diafas Constructions is able to support interested investors, developers or hospitality establishment owners throughout all phases of developing a hospitality investment, by undertaking the overall Project Management and Coordination, and act as the client’s Technical Advisor, in order to coordinate all procedures on their behalf, from preliminary inspection of a property up to operation licensing of all facilities.

Diafas Constructions undertakes relevant services for various types of tourist accommodation and special tourist infrastructure, such as:

4 asteria kriopigi

The 4 points that distinguish Diafas Constructions from the competition and constitute a quality guarantee for services provided are: 

Α) The combined knowledge capital on urban planning and tourism legislation

Β) The additional know-how on specifications of all types of tourist accommodation and special tourist infrastructure.

C) The company’s vast experience in hotel design and construction.

D) The in-depth study of typical hotel operations, as a result of cooperation with experienced hoteliers.

We answer your questions:

• Can I assign the entire progress monitoring of my project from start to finish?

• Can an entity undertake coordination of all processes, communications and stakeholders involved so that I do not have to deal with multiple parties at the same time?

• Can I have a detailed picture of the individual actions, time and corresponding cash flows required for the entirety of my project?

• Can I receive technical support from an entity throughout the project so I can make the best possible investment decisions?

• Can I ensure seamless connection between design, construction and operation phases of the investment?

• What actions are required for operation licensing of my hospitality establishment?