Values – Company Philosophy


The values by which Diafas Constructions is governed are Expertise – Reliability – Honesty. Remaining steadfast in these values, the company has been following a steady course in the construction sector for the last 40 years and is the trusted partner of a wide and ever-growing clientele. 

Expertise: The high level of collective knowledge is a result of several years of construction experience and of continuous training and information of Diafas Constructions members through seminars, conferences and international exhibitions, on legislation, innovative construction methods and materials and new technologies. As such, high expertise is considered a competitive advantage of Diafas Constructions, as it adds value to design, its application during construction, as well as to the assessment of time, cost and potential risks. In particular, the specialized knowledge of construction methods, materials and other issues to be addressed during construction, assists in preparation of detailed designs, distinguished for their quality and constructability. This added value is reflected in the final result delivered to the client, thus certifying Diafas Constructions’ high intellectual capital. 

Reliability: Long-lasting collaborations of Diafas Constructions with specialized worker staff, trusted subcontractors and suppliers of guaranteed quality materials, as well as customer satisfaction, substantiated by returning customers and successive project assignments, are guarantees for the reliability demonstrated by Diafas Constructions in the final result and credentials of the company’s value in the construction industry and the society.

Honesty: Diafas Constructions treats each client with absolute honesty, with respect towards their needs and financial capability. At Diafas Constructions, we do not make promises to create impressions. Our only concerns are to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the client, as well as provide advice in a way that the client has a feeling of security and that they are in good hands.


Diafas Constructions aims at honest, responsible and creative cooperation and the establishment of a close relationship with each of its clients, catering for their best interests and the best possible implementation of the expected investment.

For Diafas Constructions, acquisition of project information and data is considered a top priority. This data, combined with investigation in relevant legislation for the project, contributes to obtaining a global impression of the project requirements. Afterwards, client needs and requirements are thoroughly analyzed and holistic design and action planning takes place, taking into account all project phases, as well as the project’s life cycle, including maintenance and operation. In this context, potential project issues that may require the client’s attention are identified in advance. With this philosophy, Diafas Constructions meets client’s expectations ensuring high-level pre-sales and after-sales services.  

From the initial stage of submitting a financial offer, to delivering the project on a turnkey basis, Diafas Constructions adheres to time schedules and guarantees, with a high sense of responsibility, the method statement for managing the quality of the objectives set. In addition, via systemic project management procedures, Diafas Constructions provides detailed project budget estimates, which in turn offer complete transparency to the client, as well as the ability to schedule project cash flows beforehand.   

This philosophy and the bespoke treatment of each project have consistently led Diafas Constructions clients to come back with new projects, which constitutes both an award for the company and at the same time a quality and satisfaction guarantee for new clients.

The goal of Diafas Constructions is to implement projects with a positive impact on society and the environment, maintaining the high level of quality of the services provided.